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Astute Representation in A Business-Friendly State

Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas attract business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe. Owning and operating a business in the state of Texas is attractive to investors and entrepreneurs because of the state’s laws. However, those laws are not always straightforward. Working with an experienced business law attorney and full-time entrepreneur can alleviate the stress of all the uncertainty.


Our lead attorney, Nikita N. Lamar has an actual background in starting businesses in various industries including but not limited to retail, coaching/education, and CBD industries to name a few. She knows the challenges of understanding and complying with state and federal laws. Call 832-767-1976 today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the services we offer.


The Full Spectrum Of Legal Advocacy For Your Business Law Needs

The Lamar Legal Group provides the basics such as contract negotiations and contract drafting on up through sophisticated risk analysis and counsel for complex outsource procurement issues. Nikita’s primary goals are to work with you to minimize your liability and maximize your potential for profitability. We also provide innovative collections services.

Look to our law firm for leadership involving matters such as:

  • Contract drafting, review, negotiations, reformations

  • Contractor – subcontractor negotiations, contracts and more

  • Business formation for owner-operators, partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporations


Nikita leverages her experience in various industries in order to be of support and guidance to her business law clients. She listens carefully to ensure a personalized strategy to help business owners achieve their goals.


The Lamar Legal Group is Personally Attentive to Your Business and its Needs

Details matter to The Lamar Legal Group. We know the elements required for businesses to thrive. We grant our clients access to out list of collaborative partners (i.e. graphic designers, web designers, and attorneys in other fields of practice) alongside with many others in order to assist you with keeping the wheels of your business turning…even amidst COVID-19. Call us to learn how we keep your legal costs at a minimum for the services we provide. Give us a call at 832-767-1976, or if you are ready to build your infrastructure right this very moment we invite you to schedule a paid consultation. We look forward to working with your business.

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