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Nikita N. Lamar is the Managing Attorney at The Lamar Legal Group. Her practice focuses on Business Formation (LLCs, PLLCs, Corps.), Family Law/Divorce, and Probate/Estate Planning. The firm assists clients who are navigating through difficult times such as divorce, child custody matters, and the loss of a loved one. The firm assists individuals and businesses with asset protection to ensure a legacy of wealth.


Attorney Lamar received her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. Her tenacity and thirst for justice stems from her almost ten-year career in the Non-Profit arena; including the areas of infant mortality, HIV, and breast cancer.


Nikita received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in May 2014.  She is an aggressive and tenacious counselor who will not rest unless she gets her clients results.  It is her determination and no-nonsense attitude that have led her clients to her firm of the Lamar Legal Group. In addition to the practice of law, Attorney Lamar is a trained mediator with a specialization in Divorce and Family Law mediation.

Nikita N. Lamar



We understand that couples certainly don’t enter marriage anticipating a divorce. However, it is increasingly common. Your children and assets matter; therefore, it is critical to be prepared, and to protect your interests with a highly competent divorce legal team on your side.


The Lamar Legal Group aims to deliver maximum results utilizing their experience in tax law, complex property matters, and litigation. We have experience identifying and building a compelling case to protect every conceivable resource and asset, including:

  • Assets owned in more than one state or country

  • Convoluted income streams from numerous sources, including stock options, performance incentive payments, bonuses and award trips, royalties, and capital gains.

  • Valuation of personal and business real estate property, businesses, and other assets

  • Equitable division of tax-deferred retirement accounts: IRAs, 401(k) plans, and pensions

  • Equitable division of stock options and restricted stock

  • Division of patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property

  • The valuation of businesses

  • Division of outstanding debts

  • Treatment of trusts

  • Parenting and custody plans

To learn more about how the Lamar Legal Group can help you in your Family Law case, click here.


A properly drafted will is of vital importance to you and your family. Your will may be the final message your family will hear from you. Whether your estate is small and simple or large and complex, we don't believe that a standardized form can adequately express your wishes.

Our office believes in speaking to you as an individual and getting to know your situation and your family's needs before helping you draft a will that will accomplish your goals. We will ask you many detailed questions during the process such as:

  • What are your estate planning goals?

  • What property and people do you want to protect?

  • Are there organizations that you'd like to give gifts to?

  • Are there any negative results or family conflicts that you want to avoid?

To learn more about how the Lamar Legal Group can help you with Wills & Trusts, click here.


It is certainly true that probate can be time-consuming and expensive. It is also true that many estates can be probated quickly and with minimal expense. You do not have to be intimidated by the probate process. An experienced lawyer can help you make sense of the process and handle any problems that may come up.


At the Lamar Legal Group, we are committed to helping clients navigate the probate process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When you come to us, we will listen closely to your needs and concerns, help you make wise decisions, and clearly explain what is going on at every stage of your case.

In Texas, there are different types of probate with different requirements, but each type generally starts out the same. The process begins with filing the initial application and getting a personal representative appointed. After that, a variety of things occur, including:

  • Filing the will with the court, where it is proved valid or invalid

  • If there is no will, the court will determine the identity of the heirs

  • Accounting for all the assets of the estate and reporting the results to the court

  • Creditors are given notice of the death and are given the opportunity to make claims against the estate

  • Debts and expenses of the estate will be paid

  • Remaining assets are distributed according to the will or according to Texas law, if there is no will

  • If there is a dispute about the validity of a will or a disagreement about how assets should be distributed, probate litigation may occur

To learn more about how the Lamar Legal Group can help you with Probate & Estate Planning, click here.


The Lamar Legal Group is personally attentive to your business and its needs. Details matter to The Lamar Legal Group. We know the elements required for businesses to thrive. We grant our clients access to out list of collaborative partners (i.e. graphic designers, web designers, and attorneys in other fields of practice) alongside with many others in order to assist you with keeping the wheels of your business turning…even amidst COVID-19.


Call us to learn how we keep your legal costs at a minimum for the services we provide or if you are ready to build your infrastructure right this very moment we invite you to schedule a paid consultation. We look forward to working with your business.

To learn more about how the Lamar Legal Group can help you with Business Law and Formation, click here.

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