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Probate Litigation

When legal matters intersect with matters of the heart, the complexities can be overwhelming. At Lamar Legal Group, PLLC our Probate Litigation service provides dedicated representation and clarity during emotionally charged times. Whether you're facing contested wills, estate disputes, or intricate probate proceedings, our experienced team is here to guide you through with unwavering support. We're here to help you resolve disputes and ensure fair distribution of assets. 

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What We

Will Contests:

This involves challenging the validity of a will, often on grounds of lack of capacity, undue influence, fraud, or improper execution.

Executor Disputes:

Concerns may emerge about the actions of the appointed executor or personal representative, alleging mismanagement, breaches of fiduciary duty, or conflicts of interest.

Trust Disputes:

If there's a trust involved, conflicts can arise over trust administration, interpretation of trust terms, or trustee actions.

Beneficiary Disputes:

Conflicts can arise among beneficiaries regarding their entitlements or shares of the estate.

Creditor Claims:

Creditors may contest the repayment of debts from the estate, raising disputes over the legitimacy and priority of claims.

Property Disputes:

Disagreements might occur over the ownership or distribution of specific assets, particularly if the deceased's intentions are unclear.

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Estate Planning
Including Trust Creation

We believe that every individual and family deserves a well-thought-out estate plan to protect their assets and loved ones. Our experienced estate planning attorneys in Texas are dedicated to helping you create a personalized plan that addresses your unique goals and concerns.


What We

Will Drafting & Review:

Will drafting is the art of meticulously documenting your wishes for the distribution of your assets and the care of your loved ones after your passing.

Asset Protection:

A proactive approach that ensures your financial legacy remains secure, even in the face of legal claims, creditors, or unexpected challenges.

Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants authority to a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf.

Trust Creation:

The process of establishing a legal arrangement to protect and manage your assets, ensuring they are distributed according to your wishes.

Healthcare Directives:

Our services empower you to outline your treatment preferences, appoint healthcare proxies, and ensure your wishes are respected during critical moments.

Guardian Nominations:

A crucial part of estate planning, especially when it comes to providing for the welfare of minor children or dependents who may require a legal guardian.

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Guardianships in Texas

When it becomes necessary to appoint a guardian to protect the interests of a loved one who cannot make decisions for themselves, Lamar Legal Group, PLLC is here to provide guidance and support. Our dedicated guardianship attorneys understand the complexities of Texas guardianship law and can assist you with.


What We

Adult guardianships

Legal arrangements that provide care, protection, and decision-making support for vulnerable adults who are unable to manage their personal or financial affairs.

Temporary guardianships

Legal arrangements that provide short-term care and decision-making authority for individuals who require immediate assistance

Guardianship administration

The responsible management of the affairs and well-being of individuals who have been deemed legally incapacitated or in need of a guardian's support.

Minor guardianships

Legal mechanisms designed to safeguard the well-being and interests of children when their parents or legal guardians are unable to provide care.

Alternatives to guardianship

Our goal is to promote personal independence and autonomy while providing the necessary legal tools to support individuals in managing their lives and assets effectively.

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