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The Lamar Legal Group is a multidisciplinary law firm providing innovative and affordable legal solutions in a client-service driven environment. The work product produced by LLG is guided by our deeply held shared values, including practicality, entrepreneurship, mutual respect, diversity, ethical behavior, and a commitment to clients and the community.

LLG was founded in 2015 by Attorney Nikita Lamar after graduating from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas. Nikita’s background in the non-profit arena drives the firm’s commitment to service of the client. LLG is built upon a core set of values that guide our relationships with our clients, our interactions with co-counsel and colleagues, and our connection to the communities in which we serve.

WHY TRUST LLG WITH MY LEGAL MATTERS? Well, we embody the following principles and ideals:

Our Relationships Matter.  Respect is the foundation of our strong relationships with clients and colleagues. We are zealous advocates for our clients while remaining ethical, approachable, and honest. 

Cost-Effective Consultations. LLG offers reasonable rates for our initial consultations. This is not merely a conversation, but rather a full-service legal analysis. During your consult appointment, we will make certain you leave with a comprehensive understanding of how your case will be handled and the different steps of the legal process. Time is valuable for all parties, and we will be sure it is well-spent with our firm.


Ethical Behavior is Non-Negotiable.  We believe in doing the right thing every time. We uphold our professional responsibilities and are accountable for our actions.

We place our Clients First.  We value People. It is as simple as that!



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